May 5, 2015

Myriad Global Media has just delivered the fourth instalment of BT’s ‘Engine Ear’ corporate radio series, designed to keep the Exchange Engineering Services (EES) Team informed about BT’s strategy, important news and customer information.


Exchange Engineering Services (EES) sits within BT TSO Strategy, Service and Operations (SSO) and consists of approximately 1,600 members, most of whom are engineers who work remotely across the UK. The team plan, build and maintain BT’s exchanges and are at the heart of delivering service for BT’s customers. It is essential that EES are efficient, productive and well connected to the commercial challenges of the business.

BT feel it is essential that their exchange engineers are kept informed and engaged with regards to key business issues and changes. For this reason, BT have commissioned Myriad Global Media to produce a series of corporate radio programmes, each 8-10 minutes in duration.

The programmes are featured on BT’s intranet site on a dedicated page and via a link distributed by email, making them accessible to all staff members, anywhere and at any time. The programmes are also accessible via smartphone, which all the engineers have as a key business tool. The series has adopted the name the ‘Engine Ear’, playing on the media type and the programme’s topic area.

BT Engine Ear Myriad Global MediaEach programme is constructed of several strands, including:

  • Bringing the strategy to life
  • Focus on the customer
  • News updates and hot topics
  • Feature items to build professional knowledge
  • Your questions answered

The programmes feature engaging studio discussion and down-the-line interviews with team members and senior managers within the company. The Exchange Engineering Services team has the freedom to listen to the programmes at a time that suits their schedule.

Programmes to date have been anchored by professional broadcasters, Tom Wrigglesworth and Justin Moorhouse, both of whom are recognisable voices on BBC Radio. Using a professional anchor adds weight to the overall programme and helps evolve it into a habit-forming listen for the audience.

‘Smart Skilling Takes Off’ a sound-bite clip from the second programme in BT’s Engine Ear Radio Series.

BT’s Objectives:

Key communication objectives include:

  • To develop a greater sense of trust in the senior leaders at BT.
  • Create an open and honest environment where the engineers feel listened to, and valued.
  • To ensure that the engineers understand the long-term vision and strategy for BT; and the part they play in it.
  • Build a sense of pride and community spirit in EES.
  • Offer all team members the opportunity to feedback on what they have heard and put any questions to managers in future programmes.


BT have seen an impressive take-up of listener numbers; the second show was the stand out performer achieving over 1,300 listeners out of a total target audience of 1,600, over a 80% take-up rate of the total target audience. The audience find the style of the shows engaging and the content informative and relevant.

The audience appreciate the informal and playful tone of the programmes and the way that subsequent programmes allow for two-way engagement to occur between EES team members.

The beauty of using radio is, unlike many other media types, it allows for concurrent activity. Many audience members listen whilst undertaking other tasks, fitting with their daily time constraints.

‘Exchange MOTs Are Here’ a sound-bite clip from the second programme in BT’s Engine Ear Radio Series.

BT Staff Feedback:

“What a fantastic way to deliver news direct to the engineers. Podcasting is a great way of delivering information: it is quick, informal, to the point. And more importantly, we get to hear the tone of the responses to the questions, something that emails and newsletters severely lack. Looking forward to the next instalment.”

“Had the info been on a written email I may have glanced at it. Because this was audio it was on while I was doing something else, a bit like listening to the radio. I will listen again.”

“Very professional production. [It] makes me feel valued that this is done with such quality.”

“I really like the format – informal and chatty, works well.”


Myriad Global Media has been producing and broadcasting corporate radio programmes for over 15 years, including ‘Branch Radio‘ for Abbey, ‘New Wave Radio‘ for BT, ‘Investor Radio‘ for BP and ‘Brew Radio‘ for Coors.

If you would like to hear more information about Myriad Global Media’s corporate radio communications please contact Dominic Lowe:

Telephone: +44 20 7684 5050