Amazon – Travel Security

Amazon are a monstrous company that have a huge global workforce, travelling thousands of miles a year. Therefore, the safety of their employees is vital to operations. Myriad Global Media are working together with their internal Safety teams to provide a series of travel safety films that focus on how to change your way of thinking, depending on where your travelling and what to look out for.

Three initial films focussed on;

A safe travel awareness film for Amazon’s Corporate Security Team of up to 6 minutes duration to be completed and ready for first usage at the Safety group meeting in late-September ’17. Film to include the following key elements:

  • A traveling to the US film for all foreign travellers to view prior to visiting the States.
  • A traveling to the Middle East film, again aimed at Foreign travellers planning to visit a Middle Eastern country.

These films have received incredible feedback and all Amazon employees love watching them. The way in which we filmed them were in a ‘Peep show’ style, that looks as if you were in the persons filming shoes. This gives a great point of view and makes the problems hit home a lot more. The audience really starts to think, ‘That could be me’.